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Facebook is Free and popular Social Media Marketing Website. About 73% user’s daily base active online and also 47% people active in every time. That Allow people to registered create, upload photos and videos, send messages and stay connected to with family and friends . Nextsol provide people a strong bandwidth and connected people all over sees. Facebook usage is increase day by day.


YouTube  was created in 2005, video sharing platform in which people watch videos share and upload on in the world. Nextsol also provide service through YouTube to share audience best wishes .It is really a competitive market have a valuable videos


WhatsApp It is a cross-platform Messaging owned by Facebook.It allow user to send message Voice over IP service and share documents ,location and other media with free service . Nextsol approach and build trust for target audience in a way to socially. It is a strong and easy to demonstrate audience with whatsapp interact.Nextsol provides people a strong bandwidth.


Twitter is a social networking service on which user send post and interacts with people through messages. It’s a better tool for a company marketing .That is allow to reach people from around the world and it about to safe to use

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Nextsol is a Smart Software company which makes Different kinds of Software and makes your website near eyes to the world through SMM services. Improve lasting relationship with audience .Improve brand awareness and recognition. Assists your business with creating, implementing and marketing strategy. You know marketing is essential channel to reach that end goal. We provide a better service on demand of customer support .Increase visibility of your brands.
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Instagram it is free App and enable users to photo- sharing and apply different kind of filter. We are really sign up our business easily and market it as like other social engine its usability is grow up day by day . Nextsol doing compromise with their followers and show acknowledge with


LinkedIn is the largest channel social networking for business people and professionals but small business owners still don’t have marketing awareness .We deal with people to a small talk and move toward growing. Nexsol is group of professionals to start a participate in a discussion and informative information

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Google has a 357 million online user per month .If you have a Google page and someone search for your business most recent posts displayed and show your business page on the top rank people mostly follow the top ranks web page and do their best. These search ranking makes an important role for your business. Everyone has accounts but they don’t know how to establish our business in on the world.


There are 40 million users and 1.3 million businesses on Foursquare local business can still at leverage on this network to build their customer and reward on loyal customer. It is totally on location based, like restaurants and shops.
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Social media marketing, or SMM, is a form of internet marketing that involves creating and sharing content on social media networks

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